x Billmea 'Rosebud' - Tropiflora
x Billmea 'Rosebud' - Tropiflora

x Billmea 'Rosebud'


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Ben Sill’s intergeneric hybrid is a cultivar of Billbergia pyramidalis x Aechmea recurvata and it keeps the best characteristics of both parents. The overall shape of the plant is that of an Ae. recurvata, with fairly stiff, pointed leaves forming a slightly bulbous, vase shape. As typical with Ae. recurvata, the center whorl of leaves shortens before anthesis and frames the inflorescence in a whorl of short, broad, pointed leaves, but there is no leaf blush at anthesis. The inflorescence is a good copy of the Bil. pyramidalis parent, with brilliant red flowers and scurfy red bracts. The upside is that the inflorescence lasts longer than the Billbergia parent. All in all a really interesting, colorful plant.