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love it, thanks Brian and Joe!

Excellent selection and service

Staff is very knowledgeable and helpful. Love shopping here- best selection.

Best Selection Ever

Your greenhouses had the best variety and selection of Vermilion and air plants I have ever seen! The staff was very knowledgeable and helpful in answering questions. I would highly recommend Tropiflora!! Nan M. 2/24

Alcantarea odorata
Scott C.L.D.

Alcantarea odorata

neoregelia buckaroo banzai

A real beauty. Full, colorful rosette : and just the right size for me (not too tal or wide).

Bulk Tillandsia

Everything came in well packaged and in good condition.

Charmed by a Tillandsia

Yes,the velvety texture and pink hues along with its hardiness and ease of maintainence has charmed me fully,and allthough my wife also has pink hues and is fairly hardy, Tillandsia ionantha v.vanhyning never yells at me or tries to throw out my odiferous Lazy Boy comfort lounger, all-in-all for psychological agreeabilty i will take Tillandsia ionantha v. vanhyning over my wife any day...

Like it

Cork by the Pound
Richard A.
Great products, service, and prices

Every time we call they are super friendly and very helpful when placing our order.

String of tears

I love them and they are doing so well


A great plant to fill a pot. The colors are magnificent!! Love the way it looks

DIY Living Valentine Heart Kit

VERY cute. Tillandsias that were sent were very nice. Would recommend it to everyone.


Beautiful plant. Happy with my purchase as always. Thank you.

DIY Living Heart Valentine Heart Kit

I love the kit. It was fun to put together. Very healthy plants and it has everything you need to assemble it. I can't wait to see the next kit. <3

Healthy offset

Nice healthy offset. It's a great clone. So many little red spots it looks like it has measles.

Perfect "Oddball"

This little Oddball is the perfect addition to my collection. All of which came from your nursery. I have moved out of the area so now I'm having to order on line. They came well packed and no damage to the plants. I will definitely order again. Thanks from a very satisfied customer.

Neoregelia 'Domino'
MaryEllen E.
Neoregelia domino

It's a beautiful plant. One of the inner leaves is brown and dried, and the tip of another leaf is also brown: But so far all the other leaves look good and I hope that is the end of the dead leaves!

Beautiful plants!

The order was shipped right away and the plants were beautiful. I was shock at how large they were for a very reasonable price. I ordered cork by the pound as well and was able to create a wonderful jungle scape. Thank you so much!

Alcantarea Imperialis (Brasiliana)

Beautiful plant. Easy to grow in Southern California, as long as you keep it watered and the "tank" full. Tolerates full sun, cold nights and hot days. This green variety is difficult to find. People seem to want the red-leaved Alcantareae but I find the green variety very beautiful. To date I have 15 Alcantareae, red, purple and green. I grow them in large pots on pedestals that are made from concrete "cinder" blocks. This allows air circulation and protects them from my dogs. These plants attract Baja Tree Frogs and a variety of spiders which eat any occasional flush of mosquito larvae. I also see birds, honey bees, snails and lizards on them. Two plants have also brought psilotum with them and of course there is algae in the water. Do not remove the "skirt" of dead leaves. It protects and roots. In hot weather they will emit an odor of rotting organic matter but that elixir only attracts more wildlife. The honey been are mad for the water that drips from the bases of the pots. They are wonderful plants. I have been growing these for years and have one that may flower this year.

Ohh! Rourke!

Brilliant color and perfect size for an accent plant or a feature in a small bed or a pot. My favorite bromeliad for a sunny spot. Great service as always.

Del Cielo

Great bromeliad. Tropiflora has a great selection of more unusual bromeliads. Worth a stop. Staff are very knowledgeable and helpful.

Tillandsia funckiana

Excited to see these small sprigs mature and grow. Looks like an amazing plant.

Tillandsia intermedia

Got a healthy and beautiful plant. Shipping was fast and well done, seller very helpful. I highly recommend that shop!

Came safe, well packed, Hsppy hzppy

Tillandsia Xerographica

This is a spectacular specimen in perfect condition! I love it and would love to get more in the future.
If you’re in Sarasota, check out the display of these plants being installed at Selby Gardens as part of the upcoming Kasuma exhibit (see photo), then go to Tropiflora to buy your own!