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Tim Plowman Delivers!!

the beautiful clone of Quesnelia marmorata did not disappoint: what a gorgeous bromeliad, i feel lucky to have procured such a rare plant!


It is perfect....

Zamia inermis
Eric B.
Zamia inermis

Another rare find from Tropiflora!¡Their plants are always healthy little specimens. Love this nursery and I have been buying here since the Cargo Report days (IYKYK)

Second Order

This is my second order with Tropiflora and I’m very pleased with my purchase.

Great plants!

So many wonderful healthy plants! Love the huge varieties and blooms!


Love my Portea! Lost mine in Hurricane Ian. Very hard to find. Thank you!

Great plants!

Healthy, packed well, shipped fast, good deal! Have ordered a few times, always happy with my purchase!

Australian tree fern

beautiful and healthy.

Spanish Mosd

I bought both the greenhouse grown and the harvested from trees bunch. The greenhouse form was beautiful, soft and almost 3' long. The harvested bundle was huge. I Love it so much. Thank You.

Neo Hypnotic

Beautiful plant. I’m happy to say it arrived in 2 days much quicker than my last purchase before this order. It was in great shape.

I have bought many plants from this site and have never been disappointed. The Capmanambatoensis was a amazing purchase, packaged securely and flourishing.

Just right

I ordered a small and a medium piece of cork. They came quickly, carefully wrapped and just as described. Exactly what I wanted.

Love the selection

Absolutely great selection of plants, good and loving advice on the care for all the plants that are for sale. Thank you!

Solid Roots

I look for good roots on every plant , but the chantinii especially , this was well done in the fine coconut coir

Neo. 'Rafa"

Beautiful pup. Service at Tropiflora is always great.

Insane Bliss

I really like it. It's more beautiful than it looks in the picture. I was lucky that it traveled quickly and safely.


I so appreciate being able to score that Monstera Thai Constellation and the tree fern. The monstera is already putting out a new leaf! Healthy, nice specimens! Thank you, I have been a customer for 20 years for a reason. A GOOD reason!

In love with this plant!

First time it came out and is growing Great. Very easy to maintain n care for. Waiting to see how big she gets!

It’s early days. I soak all plants in distilled water for 24 hours to hydrate them rain water whe ever it’s available. Then I plant in moist media and wait till they get going.

Great mix

Super quick draining mix that holds humidity well while maintaining root ventilation. Reccomend for any bromeliad growers.

Very satisfied customer!

I placed an order of Tillandsia concolor last week, I received my order in no time at all. The interior shipment was absolutely Beautiful! If this is what you call small and medium, oh my I can't wait to place my order for large! Thank you, Kristi at Connie's Exotic Plants & Living Art.


Excellent! Thanks much.

Good plant

Plants look good and clean even after being in the box for several days. than i get

Love it!

Love this plant. I have been looking a long time for it.