Tropiflora maintains distinct pricing for both retail and wholesale. Wholesale pricing is intended for resellers only. It is our intent to restrict wholesale pricing to resellers only.

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Coupons, VIPP benefits and Guarantee apply to retail purchases only.

WHOLESALE OR RETAIL -- which one is for me?

Benefits of Wholesale Purchasing:

  • Lower prices. Average wholesale plant prices range from 30% to 50% less than retail, sometimes more. Our retail prices are lower than most, so with that in mind you can easily mark up your selling price 100% to 200% or more and still remain locally competitive. Not all plants have wholesale pricing. Some rare or very limited plants are not available at special wholesale pricing.
  • Priority handling. We take care of our wholesale customers first. Wholesale orders are given priority for pulling, packing and shipping.
  • Credit availability. While we restrict the amount of credit we extend, normally institutional clients, zoos, schools, gardens, and government agencies for example, may have limited credit if a purchase order is submitted. Please make prior arrangements. Contact us here. 

If you are a legitimate wholesale client, there is no downside. However, if you are thinking that this would be a good way to build and maintain a collection cheaply, keep the following facts in mind:

  • Minimum purchases. As outlined above are enforced. We will not sell individual plants on a wholesale basis. $100 minimum and bulk quantities of plants are required.
  • No guarantee. We stand behind our product’s quality as always, but cannot replace items for reasons beyond our control. Shipping is at buyer’s risk. We are not responsible for damage or delays incurred in shipment.
  • All sales final. Suitability for intended use is up to the customer to determine before the order is placed. If a product is not ‘what you thought it would be’, we will not accept returns.


When purchasing for wholesale, there is a $100 minimum on your purchase.

  • Wholesale customers may use the shipping information provided in the shopping cart to determine your shipping charges. Shipping charges include the carrier’s charges, box and packing materials. However, since all charges are estimates based on average size plants, there are bound to be inaccuracies. Should actual shipping be more than reflected by the shopping cart, we will bill the difference and charge actual shipping costs.


Please call or email us in advanced to confirm your pick-up date. We want to make sure everything is ready before you head out!

Waxed flats are billed at $1.00 each. Boxes, if required, are billed at cost.


Limited to local customers and billed at $2.00 per mile, round trip, based on Google map calculations.

For example:

You are 10 miles away from Tropiflora. Your delivery charge would be: 20 miles (round trip) x $2.00 = $40.00


Bromeliad shipments to Hawaii and all plant shipments to Arizona require a phytosanitary certificate from the State of Florida, which presently costs $75.

To schedule a phytosanitary inspection, we require a minimum notice time of 14 business days. If our schedule is booked, you will be shipped on a first come, first serve basis (which could be 2 months out). It would be best to request a ship date in advance, so we can coordinate when the time comes.

We are at the mercy of the availability of the Florida Department of Agriculture.

  • Arizona shipments must be sent to an approved receiving location for inspection.
  • For bromeliad orders to Hawaii, you must also supply us with a copy of your current import permit.

Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands may require a phytosanitary certificate as well for some shipments, please inquire.

***As of March 1, 2023: All EU shipments will have a VAT (value added tax) due upon pickup of shipment from Customs. Tropiflora will NOT collect this tax.

All shipments to countries other than the U.S. require a phytosanitary certificate.

We are at the mercy of the availability of the Florida Department of Agriculture.

Live arrival is not guaranteed with international orders.


  • We accept major credit cards; VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.
  • PayPal is accepted.
  • Money orders or checks are accepted, but we reserve the right to hold your shipment until the check clears the bank.
  • Wire Transfers to our bank may be made. Please email for instructions.
  • Cash is not accepted through the mail. Cash payment by walk in clients is always welcome.

We cannot accept payments by C.O.D. at this time.