Tropiflora’s Guarantee


In a nutshell: We guarantee safe arrival of your plants when FedEx or UPS (overnight or 2 day only) is selected. Any broken, damaged, missing or defective items will be replaced. If any items are just not what you thought they’d be, you may return them for credit. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction. Liability is limited to credit for the value of the item plus shipping if Tropiflora is at fault.

*Domestic orders only

We offer a satisfaction guarantee for all retail shipments. All we ask of you is this:

All we ask of you is this:

  • Never return anything to Tropiflora without first contacting us for instructions!
  • When ordering, choose a shipping method that will insure rapid delivery in extreme weather conditions. Failure to do so, e.g.; opting for Priority Mail or ground service to northern climes in freezing weather, will result in voiding of your guarantee. We will gladly hold your order until a temporary spell of inclement weather passes, allowing us a ‘safe window’ to ship.
  • Be reasonable. Small blemishes are a fact of life when shipping plants and damaged blooms are almost a given. Set your expectations to a reasonable level. We will vow to use all due care in packing your plants to avoid any injury, but little things can and will happen.
  • If you see damage to the outside of the box, please photograph it if you can and prepare to file a claim with the carrier if the contents is damaged. We cannot do this for you! Filing a claim helps us, we will see to your satisfaction regardless of fault.
  • Unpack your plants immediately. Be sure to leave a note for your carrier if you will not be at home to receive the shipment or give us instructions to include on the shipping label for the delivery person. Alternately have the plants sent to a neighbor, friend or to your work. Note any damage and report it to us as soon as is practical.

If you have a claim, we will need the following information:
  • Invoice number and date shipment was received.
  • Your name, address and phone.
  • Claim number from the carrier (if any).
  • The reason you want a credit or replacement.
  • You may return any plant or product for any reason. If not defective, damaged, etc. if you just changed your mind, any return for credit will be at your expense.

  • Never return anything to Tropiflora without first contacting us for instructions!
  • Notify Tropiflora by phone or email of your wish to return. If a return is required for credit, we will give you shipping instructions. If returning for cause (Tropiflora’s culpability) then we will issue a credit for the products and shipping or send the replacement plant or item at no cost to you. (Please note that sometime we do not require that you send the plant or item back for credit, so please check with us first.)
  • Returns for reasons other than Tropiflora’s responsibility, if you just changed your mind for example, are at buyer’s expense. We will issue a credit for returned items only.

Cool heads prevail. We are here to help and depend on your repeat business. If something goes wrong we will help resolve the problem. Please call or write stating your problem, and give us the chance to help. Though it is always frustrating to have something go wrong, your cooperation and a little patience goes a long way. Call us and we will help resolve any problems that arise, whether our fault or not. Your satisfactions is our goal and guarantee!

A note about export shipments: We will stand behind any part of the shipment that is defective except if damaged in transit or by delay. With overseas shipments, unfortunately it is far beyond our control once it leaves the U.S. Damage or losses may be incurred with foreign shippers, with customs and during agricultural inspections or quarantine. Unfortunately delays are common. We will however work with you to resolve all issues.

Note to Wholesale Customers: No guarantee is expressed or implied for wholesale shipments. All shipping is at buyer’s risk. We will maintain the same high standards with wholesale as with retail shipments, but due to the occasional unpredictable shipping delays, we can't guarantee services that are out of our control.