Always the dreamer and adventurer, he started Tropiflora in the early '70s as an outgrowth of a bromeliad collecting hobby. A "hobby gone bad" he says. Collecting and exploring were always his first interests in the plant world and over the years he and Linda have visited over 25 countries on more than 100 trips and expeditions. Together they made travel, adventure, plant exploring, speaking, writing and the nursery business a way of life. He and Linda are now passing their passion for plants on to their children, to take Tropiflora into the second generation. Now retired, Dennis is focused on writing about his reptile and plant collecting adventures over the years!


We have always considered Tropiflora to be a 'mom & pop' operation and Linda is the mom. She has always treated our employees as extended family and keeps us all well grounded. When Tropiflora was a tiny, fledgling business, Linda poured herself into it wholeheartedly, doing everything from potting to landscaping and office work. Though she claims not to be an expert about plants, her knowledge of our stock, especially bromeliads, is very impressive. Linda has traveled the country and the world along side of her husband Dennis, collecting plants in the jungles and deserts and attending conferences, sales, and aiding in our lectures across the globe.


Robin is Tropiflora’s Office Manager, the friendly voice you hear behind the phone when you call looking for that rare plant! Whether it is answering the phones, coordinating domestic and international orders or handling accounts receivable, Robin is the hands behind it (and you'll need six hands to work in the Tropiflora office!). She is Linda and Dennis’ daughter and like her brother, Scott, she has also fallen prey to working in the family business, joining Tropiflora in 2003. Robin has a Labradoodle named Percy who you'll often be greeted by with a giant nose when stopping by our office.


Scott joined Tropiflora in 2009 as General Manager of Operations, in charge of all daily operations and employees, as well as assisting our head Bromeliad Grower, Brian Weber, with constant propagation.

His expertise is currently trending towards landscape bromeliads as well as miniatures for terrariums, but he is also an excellent resource for driftwood mount creations and has an artistic eye. Outside of work, Scott enjoys time with his wife and daughters and whatever spare time Tropiflora affords him as Sarasota's premier expert pinfish catcher.


Brian is the head bromeliad grower at Tropiflora. He has been interested in plants since 1975 when he bought his first bromeliad; an Aechmea ‘Burgundy’. Brian has a broad knowledge of the latest cultivars, especially Neoregelia, Billbergia and Cryptanthus, but his interests and expertise extend to the whole bromeliad family. Brian can recommend the best bromeliads for landscape and his personal background with reptiles and amphibians gave him a good base knowledge of bromeliads for terrarium use as well. On his time off, Brian enjoys keeping up his personal bromeliad collection and collecting New Guinea tribal art.


Veronica started with Tropiflora in 1994 and is our Tillandsia Grower. While working in the Tillandsia collection she took a personal interest in these fascinating plants, and has now become a real expert in the field. A keen observer, she has spotted many natural hybrids and special clones among our imports and seed grown plants. Her careful cultivation has increased our numbers of rare and unusual Tillandsia varieties and several of her selected clones have been named and registered. Veronica enjoys working one-on-one with customers and they appreciate her broad knowledge of Tropiflora’s vast Tillandsia stock.


The hands behind your safely-packaged plants. Anthony takes the time and effort to make sure that your plants will make it to you in one piece. Even with our crazy-busy shipping days Monday through Wednesday and simultaneously managing Tropiflora supplies and retail stock. Anthony still lends his expertise with Orchids as well as being responsible for carefully propagating the Cryptanthus collection. If you have any Cryptanthus questions, Anthony is your guy!

In his spare time, Anthony enjoys growing orchids, and has hundreds of different species in his greenhouse! (His favorites are Encyclias.)


The assistant Tillandsia Grower, Gregoria has become an expert in her field at Tropiflora and handles growing, propagating and pulling orders of Tillandsias, assisting Veronica with dozens of orders to be shipped out daily.

As Veronica's right-hand, she has become familiar with recognizing even the most similar of Tillandsia hybrids and clones.





Crescencia has been with Tropiflora for over 30 years and works with Veronica splitting Tillandsias, propagating, pulling orders, and always selecting the nicest plants for our customers' orders and shows.

It is almost uncanny how Crescencia can always find the most beautiful of plants in even the most cruddy of plant clumps. (She might have a secret stash of perfect plants somewhere, that's the only explanation!)




Brian is the extra pair of arms that helps with all of the odds and ends at Tropiflora. Whether the other Brian needs plants re-potted, or if Scott needs drip systems fixed or even the gravel flattened with the Bobcat, Brian gets the job done!



Rebecca captains the retail shop, helping our customers with any bromeliad questions they have! She always makes sure the shop is looking its best, keeping the plants watered and creating new bromeliad and succulent arrangements for the season. After managing the retail shop at Selby Gardens, we are so grateful to have her knowledge and help in the Tropiflora shop!


Cenovia is one of Veronica's assistants. She has super human speed while maintaining, cleaning, and propagating Tillandsias for our wholesalers.

A true fashionista, often seen wearing matching colorful clothes. She is the pop-of-color that brightens us up!


Frank is a Euphorbia lover who also has a vast knowledge for succulents and cars. Him and his loud exhaust can be heard coming and leaving. His enthusiasm speaks volumes and he is always there to help anyone who needs his assistance. In their spare time, Frank and his wonderful girlfriend rescue and takes care for elderly dogs until their passage to the rainbow bridge!


Joe is a handy-man who developed a love for terrestrial bromeliads. A Florida native at heart, who has a passion for fishing. 'Catch' him at local fishing competitions!




Han is our social media/customer service/Robin's office assistant! She posts pictures regularly on our social media of never before seen plants at our nursery. If you contact us, you can look forward to Han's friendly voice! She is an avid aroid lover and collector. You can find her wandering at plant shows, eager to expand her collection.



The true brains behind Tropiflora, Percy runs the show! When he's not busy greeting customers or managing the nursery's rabbit and lizard count, Percy makes sure to keep the office seating nice and warm for customers... by making sure that you can't sit on it.



A nursery dog to her bones, Daisy can be found running after Scott's golf cart around the greenhouses, as well as helping him by rolling in the mudpuddles with expert form. If you happen to hear the screeching from the office, don't worry -- it's just Daisy who has been forced to take a cool breather in the office.



The newest assistant to the nursery! Daisy's sister who as shy as a fly. She is unsure yet about new faces and tends to hide.

She is the happiest when following behind Daisy, chasing the lizards and after Scott. Learning from the best, we are sure she will greet everyone with warm kisses in no time.