Tillandsia usneoides - Tropiflora
Tillandsia usneoides - Tropiflora

Tillandsia usneoides


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Tillandsia usneoides  This is the famed ‘Spanish Moss’ of the romantic south. Gracing stately trees from Virginia to Argentina, its is a ubiquitous presence in much of the southern U.S. and especially here in Florida.

The form we sell is our native form, long silvery strands, fluffy and fresh, with fragrant green flowers when it blooms. We grow some in greenhouses, but much of our stock is harvested in the many trees right on Tropiflora property. We clean it of twigs and leaves and only rarely treat it with insecticides for shipment, by request.

Forget about the red bug stories you may have heard about ‘Spanish Moss’, it’s a myth. Great for that special tropical look in your trees, for use with reptiles, as decorative mulch on indoor plants and more. Keep in a breezy, partially shaded place for best results and water well once a week. Feed occasionally if kept indoors.

Note that the photo below is a clump just over 3 feet long and is about a pound (actually just under).

*PLEASE NOTE - We are no longer allowed to ship this item to Japan