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Tillandsia 'Oregon'


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Somewhat of a mystery. This plant came to us as T. 'Oregon' with the cross listed as (streptophylla x pseudobaileyi). In checking, we noted a cross by Mark Dimmitt called 'Gorgon' and thought perhaps that ours was a case of mistaken identity or misspelling. On closer examination though, while similar, our has flatter leaves, not terete as with 'Gorgon' and a taller inflorescence. The inflorescence is a tall scape with long, leaf-like scape bracts and a cluster of upright angled, pink branches. It appears to have T. balbisiana in its parentage but that is not reported on the label. Very attractive and long lasting in color. Easily forms substantial clusters. So, the mystery continues.

Tillandsia 'Oregon'
Tillandsia 'Oregon'