Tillandsia edithae green clone
Tillandsia edithae green clone

Tillandsia edithae green clone


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This ‘green form’ of Tillandsia edithae isn’t really green. It’s a form with more adpressed trichomes, giving the plant a more glabrous, less fuzzy, silvery appearance. In fact, in the summer here in Florida, the ‘silver form’ tends to get a bit of algae on the trichomes from the high humidity, giving it an actual green appearance.

Anyway, the ‘green form’ is different enough to warrant a cultivar name to distinguish it from the more typical, silver form. Other than that, the bloom and all aspects of growth are about the same, the leaves are perhaps a bit stiffer and a bit more compact but nearly the same as the silver form. Both are beautiful caulescent plants with short, broadly triangular, silvery-gray leaves and a stunning red-flowered inflorescence.

Native of Bolivia, they live a lithophytic existence on sheer rock cliffs, hanging in massive cascades. Care-free to grow, when mounted in a pendant fashion, they freely produce offsets along the old portions of their stems, soon forming large attractive clusters.

Note that in the second photo, both forms are there for comparison, even though it is hard to tell the apart in the photo. In life it is much easier!