Tillandsia burlemarxii - Tropiflora
Tillandsia burlemarxii - Tropiflora

Tillandsia burlemarxii


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An oddity in the Tillandsia world is a strange little clumping, caulescent, lithophyte from Bahia, Brazil. Growing on exposed rock cliff faces, this plant is supremely adapted to this harsh environment.  The plant grows on long stems which produce abundant adventitious roots and offsets freely along the stem forming a rambling cluster along the rock face. 

The silvery-gray leaves are stiff, succulent and nearly terete, very small and held close to the stem. The inflorescence is a short scape at the terminus, with unusual green bracts and white flowers. Our plant came to us from the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens collection with the accession number of SEL1990-0538 and is a clone of the type specimen.