Sincoraea albopicta hybrid


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This nice plant is an accidental hybrid where we only know the seed parent which is Sincoraea albopicta. The plant does not look like pure albopicta so it must be the result of an unintended pollination in our greenhouse. The other plant will remain a mystery but because of the form of the plant we suspect that is might be an Sincoraea burlemarxii or another Sincoraea at least. A smallish to medium grower reaching only about 14 inches across with narrow leaves that are still and well armed with small but stout spines. The color is green with faint reddish banding. At anthesis the center whorl of leaves turns bright red with some silver scurffing and the nidular inflorescence has bright red sepals.

Sincoraea albopicta hybrid - Tropiflora
Sincoraea albopicta hybrid - Tropiflora