Rhipsalis pentaptera SEL1977-2040


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A decorative species of Brazil’s Atlantic Forest and Paraguay and is reportedly no longer found in the wild. That would seem rather odd except that there are many other plant species found only in small populations and could easily be wiped out by agriculture or development. A shrub-like, epiphytic species with arching stems that are cylindrical but deeply incised, showing five ribs. The flowers are white to slightly pinkish and the fruit pink. Our clone came from the collection of the Marie Selby Botanical Garden with an accession code of SEL77-2040.

Note: This plant is on C.I.T.E.S. and can not be exported.

Rhipsalis pentaptera SEL1977-2040 - Tropiflora
Rhipsalis pentaptera SEL1977-2040 - Tropiflora