Cryptanthus bahianus 'Red' SEL 1987-0158


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A terrestrial species named for the State of Bahia in Brazil, but found throughout the northeastern coastal Atlantic rain forest and inland caatinga from the States of Paraíba south to the State of Bahia.  Discovered in 1939 by Mulford Foster in the highlands, an area called caatinga which is similar to a mesquite, it was the first known Cryptanthus species to have been found in shaded, semi-dry locations.  This species is quite different from other species in the family as it has very spiny, stiff, succulent leaves.  Propagating from long stolons up to 12 inches long, the caulescent plant forms a very loose, open round shape up to 12 inches in diameter.  This cultivar is a red form of the species with Selby accession number of SEL 1987-0158.  The offsets start out as bright chartreuse green with just a faint coloring of rust red to the leaves and as they mature the leaves turn a dark rust red.  In a greater amount of sun the leaves can turn an Indian red to brown-red.