Cryptanthus 'Avalanche'


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This Carole Richtmyer hybrid, one of two cultivars of ‘Wild Cherry’ x argyrophyllus, the other being ‘Kaleidoscope,’ has a foliage base color that is mottled red and green, but almost indistinguishable due to the dense white scurf covering the leaf surfaces, being heaviest in the axils.  The wide leaves form an open round rosette to 14″ in diameter with upturned pointed leaves and large black spines.  The undersides of the leaves have a medium dense scurf of white trichomes.

***For best results, we recommend growing this particular cultivar in a dirty Turface® mix, equal parts peat based potting mix and Turface® All Sport.  Fill the bottom of your pot with a shallow layer of potting mix, this prevents the Turface® mix from running out the bottom of your pot, and the remainder with the dirty Turface® mix.