Aechmea 'Bob Alonzo' - Tropiflora
Aechmea 'Bob Alonzo' - Tropiflora

Aechmea 'Bob Alonzo'


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A cultivar of (Aechmea chantinii x ramosa). The plant is an upright funnel form rosette with fairly stiff, 2 to 3 inch wide leaves nearly 24 inches long, with fairly large spines and reddish tips. The color is medium green with pale green variegation and light gray banding as with the chantinii parent. The inflorescence is well-branched and erect, with a rose-red scape and scape bracts and yellow flowers with rose-tinted yellow ovaries. Appears to be very long lasting in bloom.

This plant was found in a Panamanian landscape by Bob Alonzo who obtained an offset, mistaking it for a variegated Portea petropolitana in its non-blooming state. He gave the plant to us upon his return. Since blooming, we feel the plant is the above hybrid and Harry Luther of the BIC concurs. Since there is no record of this cross in a variegated state in cultivation, we have decided to register it and name it in honor of Bob Alonzo who made the find.