Dischidia species 'Geri'


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Endemic to the Philippines, and due to its close resemblance to Dischidia oiantha, its identification is often confused and a bit of a mystery. Dischidia sp.‘Geri’ makes a great beginner species. It can tolerate temperatures into the 40’s F, wide ranges of light levels and can even withstand over-watering or drought for short periods of time. Furthermore, D. sp. ‘Geri’ even makes a great terrarium species! The foliage is a wonderful soft green color and coin shaped with new foliage often emerging a nice red. The flowers are creamy white and are born in small clusters of three to ten. They posses no noticeable fragrance but are pleasant nonetheless. Dischidia sp. ‘Geri’ is the “total package” for lovers of all things Dischidia.

Dischidia species 'Geri' - Tropiflora
Dischidia species 'Geri' - Tropiflora