9/8/22 - INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: We have resumed regular international shipping, except in some countries still experiencing Covid-related shutdowns. We realize some orders have been held for many months, even years, due to the pandemic. In that time shipping companies have made changes that affect our ability to send plants internationally. As of September 2022 the ONLY OPTION AVAILABLE for international shipping is Express Mail through the United States Postal Service. This is not a guaranteed service so please understand you are assuming all risk.

11/17/21 - USA CUSTOMERS: Please be aware of your weather when purchasing plants. Delays are expected due to the holidays and we do not guarantee live arrival unless the shipping method is overnight or 2-day (UPS & FedEx ONLY). We are offering Heat Pack & Foil at check out, please choose that if you are experiencing night-time temperatures lower than 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

11/ 17/21 - INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: We highly suggest waiting until after the new year (January 1, 2022) to ship your plants. We know a lot of you have been holding for months to receive your order. But, unfortunately with the holidays, the International Postal service has been declining in reliability. We already experienced a customer's package get delayed for a month and most of the plants arrived dead. If you would still like to ship, we can do it. But it is all your risk and we do not guarantee live arrival with international shipments. Depending on your location, we do offer Air Freight, which is estimated to be at least $400 and could be higher.


06/15/21 - We are continuing to experience shipping delays with USPS. Please be cautious with choosing this shipping option. We do not guarantee live arrival unless the shipping method is overnight or 2-day (UPS & FedEx ONLY). Once the package leaves our nursery we have no control over when the package arrives if there is a delay. Also we have been noticing that USPS does not update their shipping status as often as we would like. Please try contacting the shipping company before us regarding any delays. We are shipping FedEx and UPS Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday now.

12/12/20 - Please be aware of cold weather temperatures when purchasing plants! USPS Priority Mail shipping has improved, but of course with holiday delays compounded on top of COVID-19 delays, your order may still take longer than normal. Night-time temperatures lower than 40F may cause your order to be held.

08/14/20 - FedEx and UPS are now available as shipping options at checkout, in addition to USPS Priority. Ground methods are also available for Florida customers. We ship FedEx and UPS options on Monday and Tuesday, so any orders placed after will be shipped the following week. (We ship on only on these two days to allow ample time for delivery during the week to prevent packages from sitting over the weekend in hot warehouses)

We have updated our shipping policies temporarily concerning our live arrival guarantees. Due to frequent delays and overall shipping uncertainties during the COVID-19 pandemic, our live arrival guarantee is temporarily suspended on shipping options longer than 2Day, 3 Day or Express.



Feel free to contact Tropiflora at 941-351-2267 if you have any questions or concerns or you can contact us via email/contact form.