Old and New

The new guard, our children Robin (L) and Scott (R) are​ ​Tropiflora’s future. Since I (Dennis Cathcart) have retired and Linda,​ ​has almost retired, our kids oversee the day-to-day operations. Under​ ​their stewardship, Tropiflora is thriving. They and all Tropiflora staff​ ​will be on hand to welcome the bus tour from the Bromeliad Society​ ​International’s World Bromeliad Conference on Thursday, June 9th, 2022.​ ​Visitors are always welcome during our regular business hours.​ ​The sign they are standing in front of is the creation of our late​ ​friend Buddy Worley of Bradenton. It hung at the entrance to our nursery​ ​in the 1980s and is now hanging in our retail shop.

- Dennis Cathcart