Just a little update since Hurricane Ian

The Hurricanes back in 2022 did a number to all of our greenhouses. It caused a lot of delay with propagation and upgrades.
Our greenhouses 8 & 9, pictured, were flattened by the powerful winds. We prioritized removing those greenhouses first because they were crushing a large amount of rare Tillandsias.
Broken pipes were a mess, but the dogs enjoyed every moment of it.
Barely into the repairs, the dreaded freezing temperatures came to FL. We had to cover all our greenhouses, multiple times. Still, some greenhouses are without a roof.
As of now, the biggest project is putting shade cloth up on our giant Cravo greenhouse, which holds all the specialty and rare bromeliads. We have been using our winter cover which filtered a lot of sunlight from the plants, stunting their growth. Now we have some panels put up, just in time for this growing season to start!
A big THANK YOU to every one of you that supported us through this difficult time.