x Vriecantarea 'Julietta' - Tropiflora
x Vriecantarea 'Julietta'

x Vriecantarea 'Julietta'


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A giant grower from hybridizer David Fell in Hawaii. This plant is registered as an xVriecantarea but David lists it’s parents as (‘Volcano’s Mist’ x ‘Volcano’s Mist’). ‘Volcano’s Mist’ is an Alcantarea. So, we are confused, where does the Vriesea come in? We are keeping the xVrecantarea name though as that is how the plant was registered with the BSI Cultivar Registrar. 

It looks like a nice clone of Alcantarea imperialis with a leafy rosette of broad leaves, red with a veneer of silver in older plants. Highly decorative, it is popular with landscapers.

*VIPP plants are small plants in 4-inch pots