xSincorthotanthus 'Blazing Bonsai' (DeLeon) - Tropiflora
xSincorthotanthus 'Blazing Bonsai' (DeLeon) - Tropiflora

x Sincorthotanthus 'Blazing Bonsai'


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An unusual hybrid by Nat DeLeon of Miami. He crossed Cryptanthus microglazioui and Orthophytum navioides, and selected this clone as the best. As you would expect, the O. navioides has the most influence with many narrow leaves up to 10 inches long, but usually shorter (4 to 6 inches). The color is also similar, bright glossy green blushing red in strong light and flushing bright red at anthesis. The plant does take on some characteristics of the C. microglazioui, that of a longer and branching stem. The stem is rather stout and branches after blooming to form a little shrub. Each rosette flattens out at anthesis and color up nicely. The flowers are white in a cluster in the center.