xNidusincoraea 'Selby' SEL2007-0594 - Tropiflora
xNidusincoraea 'Selby' SEL2007-0594 - Tropiflora
xNidusincoraea 'Selby' SEL2007-0594 - Tropiflora

x Nidusincoraea 'Selby' SEL2007-0594


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There is a story behind the xNidusincoraea ‘Selby’ SEL 2007-0594. This plant came to be as a result of Harry Luther growing a batch of Sincoraea (previously Orthophytum) heleniceae seed sent to him from Brazil. When the seed germinated it wasn’t long before this plant stood out from the rest, being larger and with a reddish tint. As the plant grew and matured it was obvious that it was not a heleniceae at all, but a hybrid. Since the seed came from O. heleniceae that parent is known but the challenge is to identify the other parent.

In the end this is really unknowable, but after examining the flower structure of a blooming plant, Harry observed that it had many characteristics in common with Nidularium and thus he concluded that it was probably an xNidusincoraea (previously xOrtholarium), occurring naturally. The Marie Selby Botanical Gardens is still calling this plant Sincoraea (previously Orthophytum) ‘Selby‘. We have chosen to change the name to what is more botanically correct. Perhaps one day they will adopt the change too. You can tag this plant as you see fit!

Anyway, it is a wide open rosette of many very narrow deep burgundy red leaves with moderate spines. It can reach over 3 feet across, but is in no way a massive plant. The nidular inflorescence bears tiny white flowers and there is a slight yellowish blush in the center of the rosette.