xEnchotia 'Pink Ruby' - Tropiflora
xEnchotia 'Pink Ruby' - Tropiflora

x Enchotia 'Pink Ruby'


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A pink flowering cultivar of (Encholirium horridum x Hechtia rosea (macdougallii) (spineless form). This is from the same grex as ‘Ruby’ and is part of the first ever in this nothogenera. A large grower that can reach over 4 feet across in a full rosette of about 150 leaves. The leaves are 2.25 inches at the base, tapering to a point, almost spineless, with a few random small. The inflorescence can be over 4 feet tall and can have 30 branches or more and is light red. The flowers have light red sepals and pink petals. The plant is a spectacular specimen for landscape, blushing bright red in strong light. Cross by Ray Lemieux.