x Dyckcohnia 'July' - Tropiflora
x Dyckcohnia 'July' - Tropiflora

x Dyckcohnia 'July'


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A tongue in cheek name for a hybrid with similarities to xDyckohnia ‘June’ by Jim Georgisus. This plant, by Ray Lemieux, is a hybrid of (Deut. Aff lorentziana B83 x Dy. Marnier-lapostollei hyb) that was made a few years ago.

It is a mounding plant with 5 to 7 inch rosettes bearing prominent marginal spines and a stout terminal spine. The overall color is slightly metallic reddish, with a wash of silver from the trichomes. The undersides of the leaves are all silver. It is a real beauty!

*The plants we are offering will have their leaves trimmed.