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x Sincorglaziovia 'Rosita' f2


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These are seed grown, f2 or a selfing of the original cross of (Neoglaziovia variegata x Sincoraea albopictum) by Ray Lemieux, which was published as a new nothogenera: xSincorglaziovia. A photo of the original is shown below in bloom.

These plants are similar in appearance, so far, but as each is a separate clone, they could turn out differently. The foliage is similar; half inch wide leaves in an upright rosette taper to a point. The foliage is silver-gray below and burnt orange reddish above in good light, with faint cross bands of silver. Marginal spines are tiny, giving a more serrated than spiny appearance. Grow in bright light with low fertilizer. This should turn out to be an interesting plant!

x Sincorglaziovia 'Rosita' f2
x Sincorglaziovia 'Rosita' f2