Vriesea pseudoatra 'Eureka'


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A large Brazilian species described by Elton Leme and about which, unfortunately, we know little. Little that is, except that it is a beauty! Resembling Vr. platynema and that group in general shape, and with leaves of similar thick, leathery texture. A full rosette of moderately stiff, wide leaves of medium green dusted with a waxy gray powder, giving the plant a glaucous appearance. The leaves do not bear any markings such as dark tips or bases and have no pronounced reticulations or mottling. We have not seen the inflorescence.

This clone, however, has beautiful medio-picta type variegation of stark white, a gorgeous plant that will reach at least 30 inches across. We have been cultivating this plant in our Florida greenhouses for some years now and can say that it is not particularly difficult, but requires pure water and does not like extreme heat. That said, our plants do pretty well.