Tillandsia streptophylla Belize


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A beautiful and dramatic looking species from a variety of habitats in Mexico and Central America into parts of the Caribbean.  Coastal habitats are preferred and this plant can often be found growing in mangroves or in very exposed locations in other open wooded habitats.  In nature it forms very large clusters and is sometimes inhabited by ants which take advantage of its bulbous base for housing. 

A striking plant that forms a turnip shaped and sized base of broad succulent leaves which hang down in curls.  the curliness of the leaves depends somewhat on the moisture content, becoming more curly as the plant dries out.  The leaves are coated with silvery trichomes and is quite attractive even when not in bloom.  The inflorescence is taller by more than double the base of the plant and the scape has long, curly, leaf-like bracts. Pink branches top the spike and produce purplish-blue flowers at anthesis. The color lasts for a long time and in good light, the inflorescence and some of the upper leaves of the plant can blush reddish. 

A choice plant that should be in every collection.  Easy to grow, mount or hang from a string ‘cradle’, water often and feed well to grow this plant to an impressive size.