Tillandsia penduliscapa


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One of the Tillandsias formerly assigned to Vriesea. Native to the wet forests on the eastern slopes of the Andes Mountains in Ecuador. The type locality is Azuay Province, between Limon and Indanza which is a very wet, cloud forest type habitat. Many mesic species are from this area which is rich in epiphytes of all kinds. It forms a fairly large upright rosette of gray leaves about a foot tall. The leaves are about a half in wide mid leaf and taper to a point but widen out to form spoon shaped sheaths and a somewhat bulbous base.

The inflorescence is very long and limp, hanging up to four feet or more. It is simple with imbricate sheaths. The flowers have green petals. A somewhat cool grower in nature, it thrives best if not allowed to dry out completely and is cultivated with pure water. Not recommended for novice growers.