Tillandsia 'Mixtec Rainbow' - Tropiflora
Tillandsia 'Mixtec Rainbow' - Tropiflora

Tillandsia 'Mixtec Rainbow'


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This plant is the same cross by Steve Correale; chiapensis x botterii, as ‘Mixtec Treasure’ but is a different clone. Similar in size, it is a fairly large plant to over twelve inches tall with silvery leaves can blush slightly reddish and that taper to fine points forming a graceful vase shaped rosette that spreads at anthesis. 

The inflorescence up to seven long branches and is taller than the foliage, with a central branch longer than the others. All branches are slightly secund towards the tips. The color is red on the bottom half of the branches fading to yellow on top. A coat of silver trichomes tones down the colors to pink and yellow, very attractive.