Tillandsia guenthernolleri Rio Marabasco


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A large growing species from the area where the Rio Marabasco separates the Mexican states of Jalisco and Colima, an area of rugged mountains and rocky canyons.  This species is mostly found growing in full sun, mainly on the ground in open scrub among deciduous shrubs and small trees.  A large species that can reach about 24 inches tall and when in bloom, over six feet tall! This clone, however stays much smaller in size.

In cultivation, a three foot tall plant in bloom is much more typical. The foliage is silvery-grey in an upright, vase shaped rosette. The inflorescence is a very tall scape with many slender, upright branches of yellow with light reddish borders to the bracts.  Flowers are tubular, whitish, light lavender. A rare species discovered by Renate Ehlers in 1991.