Tillandsia dasyliriifolia 'Proliferata' - Tropiflora
Tillandsia dasyliriifolia 'Proliferata' - Tropiflora

Tillandsia dasyliriifolia 'Proliferata'


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A super proliferating plant from Belize. This is a fairly large growing species to about 24 inches tall; with a 5 foot inflorescence that produces dozens of offsets. An amazing sight! The foliage is arranged in an open rosette with a somewhat bulbous base and long, tapering leaves that color up a bronzy-green color. An easy grower that likes bright light and moderate watering.

Regular fertilization will make a big difference in how large it grows and ultimately, how many offsets it will produce on its inflorescence. We are not 100% sure of the identity of this plant. This group of Tillandsias is particularly hard to identify. We obtained this plant long ago as a T. limbata of which we are fairly certain it is not. Tillandsia dasyliirifolia seems to be the best fit.