Tillandsia 'Catracho' - Tropiflora
Tillandsia 'Catracho' - Tropiflora
Tillandsia 'Catracho' - Tropiflora

Tillandsia 'Catracho'


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This plant is a bit of an enigma. It came to us years ago, on more than one occasion, mixed in with wild taken plants shipped as fasciculata ‘Hondurensis’ from Honduras, of course. (That plant was recently given cultivar status as Tillandsia ‘Hondurensis’). That plant lives on cliff faces in central Honduras, often in association with the species Til. hondurensis.

Confused yet? Well, some years ago Steve Correale found a natural hybrid of the two species which was described and published as Til. x correalii. Presumably any combination of the two species would be considered an x correalii. X correalii has an inflorescence much more closely resembling that of its Tillandsia hondurensis parent. Our plant has a branched inflorescence, much more in line with fasciculata ‘Hondurensis’, but otherwise also appears to be a hybrid with hondurensis.

So, is this just a ‘branched form’ of x correalii or another natural hybrid deserving its own name? We are certainly in no position to make that decision, so we are choosing to give it a cultivar name to serve to keep them separate in the interim. Is this clear to you now? By the way, the name ‘Catracho’ is a nickname for the Honduran people.