Tillandsia cacticola 'Bright Clone'


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In general, cacticola of any form is a prize in any collection. Variable in size and other characteristics, but usually a soft rosette of half inch wide gray leaves and a branched inflorescence of lavender with purple-edged white to yellow flowers. This form is medium sized on the scale of cacticola forms, with a taller than typical scape and cluster of branches, all white with normal white and purple flowers. Tillandsia cacticola grows in the Tropical Thorn Forest of northern Peru and often is found growing on cacti, hence the name. Grow on the dry side, bright and airy. Likes fertilizer. Amazingly this plant is grown for cut flowers in parts of South America.

Tillandsia cacticola 'Bright Clone' - Tropiflora
Tillandsia cacticola 'Bright Clone' - Tropiflora