Neoregelia - 'Sunrise' Collection (3 piece)


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This 3-pack of Neoregelia includes one (1) 6-inch pot of each: 

Neoregelia 'Gold Medal'
A beautiful variegated sport of ‘First Prize’ originating in Brazil. A medium grower to about 15 inch across with a somewhat upright habit. The leaves are glossy with pink mediopicta-type variegation and an overall rosy-pink wash. The margins are dark greenish red and there is an overall mottling of light green. It has a cherry red center at anthesis.

Neoregelia 'Kahala Dawn'
A stunning hybrid of 'Rufus' x meyendorffii variegated by Larry Kamiya of Hawaii. Beautifully variegated, with deep red over a mottled red and green leaf. We wish all Neos had such vivid colors! A choice collector item and outstanding landscape plant.

Neoregelia 'Simply Red'
A complex hybrid by Chester Skotak. A large grower that offsets before anthesis. It has green leaves with ivory colored margins and the whole plant develops a dark red veneer before anthesis. Anthesis color is a darker red. This one will be good for landscaping.


 Bright, indirect light / Filtered Light
 Regularly -- Keep water in center well
 Warm - Above 45° F
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