Rhipsalis cf. elliptica (ISI 96-16)
Rhipsalis cf. elliptica (ISI 96-16) - Tropiflora

Rhipsalis cf. elliptica (ISI 96-16)


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This plant is on C.I.T.E.S. and can not be exported.

Rhipsalis cf elliptica (ISI 96-16) Brazil, has elongated elliptical stems that are unusually thick and stiff. The margins are almost smooth, slightly crenate, the flowers yellow with red fruits. Makes a very nice hanging basket subject.

ISI 96-16 Rhipsalis cf. elliptica Lindb. The fleshy, flat, elliptical, leaf-like stems are pendent and resemble those of the convergent Socotran succulent Cissus subaphylla offered below. The flowers are creamy yellow. Rooted cuts of HBG 34534, collected Dec, 9, 1974 by J. A. Fowlie 10 km SSE of Fazenda de Bocaina, 3500’, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.