Quesnelia liboniana - Tropiflora
Quesnelia liboniana - Tropiflora

Quesnelia liboniana


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A handsome smaller growing member of the widely variable Quesnelia genus.  Native to the Atlantic Forest in eastern Brazil, centered around Rio de Janeiro where it grows as an epiphyte or lithophyte in open forest.  Growing conditions can vary from full sun to deep shade.  A member of the Billbergiopsis subgenus of Quesnelia, a group that includes several other members that might be easily confused with a Billbergia in shape and even inflorescence. 

This species is a tubular plant with few leaves, growing on short, narrow stolons in loose clusters. The foliage is light green, glossy and bears small marginal spines.  The inflorescence is a slender scape about as long as the leaves, with about eight sessile flowers in a loose cluster.  The flowers have bright orange bracts and deep navy blue petals, quite striking. An easy plant to cultivate, good for pot culture or mounting.