Portea alatisepala 'Best Clone' - Tropiflora
Portea alatisepala 'Best Clone' - Tropiflora

Portea alatisepala 'Best Clone'


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This is a stunning species that was new to science in 1992. Since then it has entered cultivation and has been quite widely cultivated. As with any new plant, eventually one or more clones are selected to be grown on and the rest seem to fade into oblivion. There are already a few clones that have been given cultivar names and more that may.

This one we simply call the ‘best clone’ here at the nursery, not just because of its nice bloom, but because of the foliage. This form is light green with rosy red leaf tips. The red coloration extends inward with maturity and especially in fall when the temperatures begin to moderate. The inflorescence of this form is nice too; a panicle of fiery-red berries and red flowers which rises well above the foliage. A must for your collection and great in landscapes.