Neoregelia viridovinosa - Tropiflora
Neoregelia viridovinosa - Tropiflora

Neoregelia viridovinosa


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A new large growing species from the region of the Alto Cariri State Park in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais. Only published in 2011 by Leme and Kollmann, it is a new species.

An epiphyte in nature, living at medium levels in the forest canopy, up to the top, and in good strong light the leaves are a light green  with dark green mottling appears in the leaves. In stronger light it takes on a reddish tint. The leaf tips and edges are trimmed in red. The leaf edges are armed with large spines.

The flowers color is green, and broader leaves and bicolored floral bracts distinguish it from other similar species in the pernambucana complex. A great plant!