Neoregelia 'Shocking Pink'


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A 2012 Chester Skotak release (registered 2013) is a cultivar of [carolinae variegated x (Bobbie Hull x Harlequin) x Treasure Chest]. A very colorful cross! Medium plants about 20 to 24 inches across with 2.75 inch wide, arching leaves. The base color is light green, completely obscured by a burgundy veneer and bright white margins. The base green color shows through in tiny specks and flecks. An overall blush of pink-lavender obscures all colors including the white margins and the flecks and specks become white. Complex and pretty. Best in bright shade, out of direct sun. It should be noted that there is another Neo. that goes by the name of ‘Shocking Pink‘. That plant is not registered and is mainly a commercial cross.