Neoregelia rothinessa
Neoregelia rothinessa - Tropiflora

Neoregelia rothinessa


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One of the more spectacular Neoregelia species to be described in recent years. It was published by Elton M.C. Leme, Harry E. Luther, Walter Till and Heidemarie Halbritter in the BSI Journal, Vol. 60 #5. A showy reddish orange plant with large marginal spines and faint dark spotting on the upper sides of the leaves. The flowers are lavender-blue tipped and white-green below and exert far above the water line in the cup of the plant. Part of the ‘pernambucana‘ complex which are sometimes called, incorrectly, carcharodon.

Found on an expedition to the remote ‘Serra dos Indios’, a part of the Atlantic Forest in Bahia, by a group of adventurous naturalists including taxonomist Elton Leme. The story of camping on the mountain and travel by mule-back is outlined in the Journal article. Apparently found largely as a lithophyte above 900 meters, its remote habitat is extremely threatened by cattle ranching and resultant land clearing. Our plants came from seed collected at the type location.