Neoregelia pascoaliana - Tropiflora
Neoregelia pascoaliana - Tropiflora

Neoregelia pascoaliana


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A species from the restinga habitat along coastal Brazil. Growing with and looking somewhat like Neoregelia cruenta, it is a rugged plant that thrives in hot, sunny and often very dry conditions. A fairly large grower to over 24 inches tall in an upright rosette shape. The leaves are broad, light green to yellowish and suffused with tiny red speckles. Leaf tips are dark red and the marginal spines are dark and quite prominent. No color change in the cup at anthesis. This species has had a somewhat confused existence in cultivation. It was confused years ago with Neo. zonata and then later was known as carcharodon, until its real identity was finally established. A good hardy plant for landscape.