Neoregelia 'Little Louie' - Tropiflora
Neoregelia 'Little Louie' - Tropiflora

Neoregelia 'Little Louie'


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A clone of 'Luna' x (carolinae x concentrica) by R. L. Frasier. A cute little plant to only 12 to 18 inches across in a wide-leaved, compact rosette. Superficially resembling the exquisite and giant growing Neo. ‘Lou Wilson’ that inspired the name of this cross, it is nonetheless not related.

The thick leaves are margined with dark spines and have a deep purple to chestnut-brown veneer extending in blotches and bands out to the dark leaf tips. The medium-green leaves have bold white variegation up the centers of the leaves that tints reddish, growing deeper red in strong light, especially towards the tips. At anthesis the plant blushes bronzy red on the upper leaves and deep lavender-purple in the cup.