Neoregelia carcharodon 'Giant' - Tropiflora
Neoregelia carcharodon 'Giant' - Tropiflora

Neoregelia carcharodon 'Giant'


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One of the variable Neo. carcharodon types that have come out of the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in the recent past. Similar yet different from plants such as ‘Tiger’ and ‘Rainbow’, this is perhaps the largest of the bunch. Reaching an impressive 30 to 36 inches across with leaves up to 5 inches wide, stiff and heavily armed with large, decorative black spines. The leaves have blackish tips and the color can vary between green with brown mottling to reddish, depending on light intensity and other factors. Aside from the dark banding on the undersides, the leaves lack other patterns. Typical coloration is green with a red veneer in from the tips and a slight grayish wash on the undersides. A choice plant for landscape in full or partial sun.