Neoglaziovia variegata - Tropiflora
Neoglaziovia variegata - Tropiflora

Neoglaziovia variegata


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One weird bromeliad! Tall, narrow, succulent, banded foliage more closely resembles a form of Sansevieria. This stoloniferous terrestrial from Brazil is used commercially for fiber and leads a nearly subterranean existence. In its fire-prone natural habitat, the plant may dwell a foot or more below the surface, sending up its stiff leaves through the hardened soil. The foliage is attractive, dark blackish-green with bold silver banding. The inflorescence is a red spike with berry-like flowers with red bracts and violet petals. As a container plant, it rarely exceeds 30in tall and can be grown in a 6 to 10in pot.

Please note that the photo represents a mature, clumping, blooming plant and is in a 10 inch pot. Smaller pot sizes will normally be single, mature or well established plants.

*This clone is more robust and taller than the typical clone.