Hechtia 'Dorothy' - Tropiflora
Hechtia 'Dorothy' - Tropiflora

Hechtia 'Dorothy'


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A rare hybrid of Hechtia argentea x tillandsioides named after Dorothy Byer. It Is not clear if this is a natural hybrid or a manmade hybrid, but was named by Dorothy along with Dutch Vandervort.

Hechtia hybrids are very rarely made as it takes a male and female plant, blooming at the same time, not just two different plants. A large grower with very many narrow, tapering leaves in a full, leafy rosette. The leaves arch gracefully, somewhat recurving. The marginal spines are very reduced, but are sharp and the plant should be handled with caution as the leaf edges can cut your skin quite easily. Shipped bare root.

*Will have some leaf tips trimmed