Guzmania sanguinea 'Tricolor' - Tropiflora
Guzmania sanguinea 'Tricolor' - Tropiflora

Guzmania sanguinea 'Tricolor'


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A beautiful candy-striped, red, white and green plant that flushes brilliant red and yellow in the center at anthesis. A very vigorous clone that will produce several offsets after blooming, unlike the one or two offsets of most clones of the species. Grows well in bright shade, in a well-draining media but likes to be moist.

This species is found from Central America through much of South America, but it is not known where the variegated clone originated. Marian Oppenheimer imported the first ones from Europe in the 1960’s. This form has remained scarce and is represented in only a few of the best collections and is a much-sought prize.