Guzmania monostachia 'Best Clone' - Tropiflora
Guzmania monostachia 'Best Clone' - Tropiflora

Guzmania monostachia 'Best Clone'


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This is the most colorful form of this species that we have found. At least regarding the inflorescence. A very widespread species found in warm regions from Florida, the Caribbean, Mexico, Central America and down to Brazil and Peru. It can be extremely common and variable to size and color. In Florida the plants are perhaps the largest, leafiest and there is a variegated clone, but the inflorescence is rather dull, only slightly pink and mostly green.

Some of the small forms have few leaves and so are not very nice but this one, from Ecuador, is large, fairly leafy and has a spectacular red and green inflorescence. The leaves are green tinting bronzy, narrow and pointed and the inflorescence is a tall, cylindrical spike. The upper part of the inflorescence has brilliant red bracts and the lower half green bracts stripped with dark brown. White flowers emerge between all the lower bracts creating a vivid display. The only downside is that the inflorescence does not last as long as most Guzmanias, with only a few weeks of good color.