Dyckia species Campo Allegre DJC2104


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This is an enigmatic Dyckia from an isolated site near Campos Allegre in the state of Santa Catarina, Brazil. In this area the forest is mainly that of Araucaria angustifolia, a prehistoric-looking giant that is now quite endangered.  A hill rises from a forest clearing, covered with knee-high grasses and at the top, mostly flat rock outcrops that continually seep water.  The rocks are coated with mosses and this moist environment is the home of a very odd Dyckia

There are no other Dyckias nearby, not for many miles, but yet this colony on this rocky outcrop are extremely variable, with many different sizes, leaf widths and colors.  Some are narrow leaved and graceful while others are more robust. 

The plants appear to be a hybrid colony, but with what? From where? We collected seeds from several plants and now have a crop of variable seedlings, some with first blooms.