Dischidia ruscifolia Babuyan Island


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Endemic to the Philippine archipelago, this pendulous species makes a great addition to a plant collection. Its small cordate leaves are born in pairs along a somewhat stiff vine with tight, close growing internodes. The sessile peduncles often produce single, white flowers at every node and have a wonderful fragrance.

This particular variety of Dischidia ruscifolia comes from the Babuyan Islands and differs in flower color and slightly in leaf shape. The flowers are typically orange to yellow and a little larger and bear no noticeable fragrance. The foliage is more ovate and emerges from the vine in a light glowing orange color.

Just like the typical variety, this plant should be treated just like most Dischidia. Plant it in a well draining mix, keep it warm, humid and allow the soil to dry between watering. This species also does well mounted and can become a nice specimen even though it seems to be a little bit on the slower side.