Deuterocohnia brevifolia v. brevifolia


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This is the type form of Deuterocohnia brevifolia, greener and slightly larger than the form chlorantha which is actually more commonly cultivated. This group of Deuterocohnias use to be known as Abromeitiella a name still used by many, especially in the succulent world. This interesting, miniature terrestrial bromeliad is found in Bolivia and Argentina and has neat, compact rosettes about the diameter of a U.S. quarter, with short, succulent, light green leaves ending in a sharp spine. In nature it grows on steep hillsides or rock faces in cool, arid regions, forming mounds of tens of thousands of plants. Adapts well to pot culture, forming pillow-like clusters. Likes plenty of water in warm weather, but prefers to be allowed to dry thoroughly after watering. Our clone of this plant came from a collection made in 1996 by Marjorie McNamera of Australia, in Northern Argentina.