Cryptanthus 'Maleficent'


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This Ed Edmiston hybrid, a cultivar of 'Diverse Pink' x argyrophyllus, matures to an open, extra large, round rosette to 24-inches in diameter.  About 16, black margined, semi-glossy, undulating, relatively narrow, trichome-sprinkled deep cherry red leaves with black mottled cross-banding. Rosette flattens at flowering with a central, semi-recessed cluster of white blooms.

***For best results, we recommend growing this particular cultivar in a dirty Turface® mix, equal parts peat based potting mix and Turface® All Sport.  Fill the bottom of your pot with a shallow layer of potting mix, this prevents the Turface® mix from running out the bottom of your pot, and the remainder with the dirty Turface® mix.  Extra perlite or sponge rock can be used in your preferred potting mix if Turface® is unavailable.